Practice Latest:

We ask that clients read the latest practice updates before attending, and please do not attend if you have - or suspect you have - COVID-19.

To make an appointment, please call us on 01727 854787

PLEASE NOTE: We are continuing our COVID provisions until further notice. This means:

  • A face covering must be worn inside the practice
  • Clients are welcome to enter the practice for appointments, and to wait in the waiting room, but we ask that you observe the mask request above
  • We can only see clients by appointment (we are no longer running any walk-in/drop-in surgeries)
  • Please continue to order all drugs and food in advance. We cannot guarantee we will be able to dispense medication that is not pre-ordered

We apologise for any inconvenience; we are trying to ensure we can remain open and provide as full a service as possible

We appreciate your cooperation


  • We would prefer payment to be made by card where possible.

The contactless limit is £100 by card, or higher via Apple Pay, Google Pay or similar.

Please note: These procedures are a work-in-progress, and may be changed without notice