Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

Updated October 2020:

All consultations are strictly by appointment only. Where appropriate, we are now seeing less-urgent cases when we have appointment slots available.

We remain very busy, so please bear in mind that we still have to prioritise the most urgent cases.
If you are able to, we ask that clients avoid phoning the practice during consulting times (9-11am; 4:30-7pm weekdays)

We would like to remind clients to maintain a 2 metre social distance and wear a face covering at all times when at the practice.

Ours is the oldest small animal practice in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1873 as a purpose-built equine practice and holding station for horses injured in battle during the first World War. Sometime between the two World Wars it became a small animal practice. Until the houses near the practice were built, the land around was where the horses were kept.

The Practice