Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

Updated 23rd November 2020:

We remain open to see clients on the basis of clinical need, and strictly by appointment only. Unless notified otherwise, appointments and operations already booked will go ahead as planned. If you have an appointment, please aim to arrive at the specified time to ensure we can keep to schedule.

We request that all clients visiting the practice wear a face covering, and maintain a 2 metre distance at all times.
Clients must please phone the practice before attending.

Please note: We remain very busy, so please bear in mind that we still have to prioritise the most urgent cases.
Where possible, we ask that clients avoid phoning the practice during consulting times (9-11am; 4:30-7pm weekdays).

Travelling abroad after the UK leaves the EU


On January 31st 2020, Britain started the process of leaving the EU. During the transition period, we've been told that the Pet Passport Scheme will continue to operate as normal. As this could change at any point, we still recommend contacting DEFRA and/or the country you're planning to visit in order to ensure your pet meets the entry/re-entry requirements before you travel.

At the end of the transition period (currently scheduled for the end of December 2020), it's very likely that any animals entering the EU will need to hold a valid rabies certificate. It's also likely that current EU Pet Passports issued in the UK will become invalid, so even if you hold a passport for your pet you will need a rabies certificate in order to travel.

**This requires a rabies blood test to check their immunity at least 3 months before travel and at least 30 days after having the the rabies vaccine (the rabies vaccines we use are valid for 3 years from the date they are given, though other vaccines' lifespan may vary. Please check with your previous vet if you had the vaccine done elsewhere - the information will also be in your pet's passport if they have one).**

There is no way to expedite this process, so if you plan to travel abroad with your pet after 1st January 2021, we would advise you to have the blood tests done well in advance of travel to avoid having to change your plans. If your pet has not yet had the rabies vaccine, you will not be able to take them into the EU for at least 4 months from the date they are vaccinated. The certificate will remain valid as long as the rabies vaccine is kept up-to-date.

If you already have a passport, it should remain valid but we always recommend contacting DEFRA directly well in advance of travel to confirm arrangements. In case of a deal being agreed, the hope is that the current passport system will remain unchanged.

Please contact the practice for more details, to book in a rabies vaccine, or a rabies blood test. Please note that we have no say in the decision or the regulations, and are offering this advice based on information we have received from the Government.

**For anybody who has already been through this process in anticipation of previous deadlines for leaving the EU, your pets' rabies certificates will remain valid for as long as their rabies vaccinations are kept up-to-date (so you will not need to repeat the testing and certification process provided they receive a rabies booster within the 3 year period)**

The latest information can be found here.