Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

Updated 23rd November 2020:

We remain open to see clients on the basis of clinical need, and strictly by appointment only. Unless notified otherwise, appointments and operations already booked will go ahead as planned. If you have an appointment, please aim to arrive at the specified time to ensure we can keep to schedule.

We request that all clients visiting the practice wear a face covering, and maintain a 2 metre distance at all times.
Clients must please phone the practice before attending.

Please note: We remain very busy, so please bear in mind that we still have to prioritise the most urgent cases.
Where possible, we ask that clients avoid phoning the practice during consulting times (9-11am; 4:30-7pm weekdays).


We help you do what is best for your pet


 We understand that we have an articulate and educated client base, and that they have, generally speaking, informed expectations.

We know that the trip to the vet is not something mundane, and that they expect to be treated in a friendly and polite way.

We offer confidence, understanding, and expertise.


General Data Protection Regulation

Your personal information held by the Practice includes only your name, address, and phone numbers. If you have not received a GDPR request from us please contact the Practice to confirm that you are happy for us to hold that information.